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Vini Premiati Douja D'Or


 In occasione del concorso enologico Douja D'Or sono stati premiati i seguenti vini:

Erbaluce DOCG 2015 " Fiordighiaccio"

Canavese Rosso DOC 2015

Il miglior modo per festeggiare i 40 anni di vinificazione della Cantina Produttori Erbaluce di Caluso.


Video Cantina Erbaluce

Un piccolo video che racchiude il bellissimo territorio calusiese, la passione dei nostri viticoltori e la nostra produzione.


Buona Visione!



Cooperativa Produttori Erbaluce di Caluso

The "Cantina Produttori Erbaluce di Caluso" was created in 1975. It has 160 partners and covers pratically 80% of all producers in Caluso. The winery is also used as a training laboratory for students of the "Istituto Agrario Ubertini" where students learn the art of wine-making.

Sophisticated machinery and wine-making techniques make for a final product with a high level of quality and rigorous respect for DOCG requirements necessary for the production of three "Erbaluce di Caluso" and "Canavese" labels. The modern bottling facility, with a high capacity, makes it possible to bottle the precious part of the product, while the remaining part is sold directly in large quantities by the winery itself.

The producer's most precious asset is surely the "Caluso Passito", a wine that's obtained by letting the grapes dry out on grates for five to six months and finally with aging done in oak barrels for at least three years. On the other hand, Erbaluce di Caluso "Fiordighiaccio" is made by cold maceration of the crushed grapes which allows the best extraction of the skin's flavors and bouquet enhancing its final organoleptic features.

A recent product is Caluso Spumante (sparkling white wine) "Cuvée Soleil" produced with "Charmat" method and Goccia d' Oro optained with traditional method on the basis of Erbaluce di Caluso.